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1-2 Hour On-Site Consult $150

EAS Landscaping provides consulting services for landscape and hardscape projects, usually on a larger scale. Sometimes more palatable (and more practicable), though, is our one-time overall $150 1-2 hour discussion landscape consultation. This covers lots of aspects of landscaping and hardscaping that are understandable and graspable, and will speak quickly and directly to your landscape/hardscape ideas for your yard.

These consults are melded with the concept of an estimate, but are more directed to what can be done, what options are out there for you, and what might be a few avenues (a cheap one, a mid range one, and a deluxe one) to reach your goal.

We'll talk plants, fencing ideas and types of wood, paver stones, porcelain, drainage, sod, artificial turf, why everyone hates mulch, outdoor lighting, seasons and texture, pergolas, custom seating, shade plants, sedges, the pros and cons of removing a tree, architectural impacts of your landscape, pollinators, and why landscaping/hardscaping projects are like surgery. Not necessarily in that order.

If you are interested let us know!

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